How Much Does an Airstream Trailer Cost?

An airstream trailer is a type of trailer that has shown its level of quality for years.  Dating back to as far back as 1930, Airstream is most notably known for their rounded aluminum shaped bodies.  These were actually designed for people to live in, but some people now use them as a camper instead.  One of the models of the Airstream trailer is even known as a “land yacht,” showing just how well-made and luxurious they can be.  Some of the other types of Airstream trailers are the International Sterling, the International Signature, the International Serenity, the Eddie Bauer, the Sport, the Flying Cloud, and the Classic.  The cost of an Airstream trailer will depend on the seller, the features, size, condition, model, and other factors.


How much is it?

22′ Liner (1940s)$3,000 to $8,000
16′ Pacer (1950s)$4,500 to $17,000
24′ Tradewind (1960s)$2,500 to $15,000
16′ Bambi (1960s)$2,500 to $14,000
28′ Ambassador
$3,500 to $15,000
18′ Caravel (1970s)$3,500 to $15,000
25′ Tradewind (1970s)$4,000 to $16,000
31′ Sovereign (1970s)$4,000 to $15,000

NOTE:  The price range will be dependent upon the condition

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