How Much Does an Atari 2600 Cost?

Atari is a brand name under the ownership of some entities since its origin in the year 1972.  However, the latest owner of it as of 2012 is Atari Interactive.  Atari was one of the first gaming systems that was meant for the home, with games that were either action, education, strategy, sports, adventure, or a combination of these categories.  Some of the classic games on the Atari system include PacMan, Space Invaders, and Millipede.  The Atari features the easily recognizable joystick, a handle that is able to control the movements of the characters on screen.  This joystick also has buttons that can perform certain functions in the game.  Atari is definitely a pioneer in home video game consoles, arcade games and home computers.  While some people think that Atari is just an old system, there are actually many systems and products that are made by the Atari company.  The most recent console that was released was the the Atari 2600 Pongand in 1981.


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