How Much Does Aural Hematoma Surgery for Dogs Cost?

Aural hematoma surgery in dogs is a process done to heal the dog of a blood condition that can affect the ear.  Hematoma is a condition when a pet develops a swollen ear caused by a rupture of the blood vessels inside its ear flap, between the inner and outer layer of the cartilage.  Blood and fluid can then collect over the top of the damaged tissue, causing pain, swelling, and discomfort to your dog.  If left untreated, the blood in the ear will begin to clot and can become more painful and the swelling can be extensive.  Because of this discomfort, your dog will tend to hold its head to one side, or it may keep on shaking and pawing the affected side of its ear.

Sometimes, hematoma can be medically treated.  But the best remedy to such a condition is surgery.

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