How Much Does a Bald Cypress Tree Cost?

Taxodium Distichum, more commonly known as the Bald Cypress tree, is a preferred home landscape choice.  It can provide shade and is also a great decoration.  The tree is adaptable to colder climates and has short, green, needle-like leaves during the spring season.  During the fall, its leaves will turn to a copper-brown based color.  A bald cypress tree can come in a miniature version as part of the bonsai collections which can be placed outdoor or indoor.

If you wish to grow a bald cypress tree, you can buy it from a local nursery or from an online dealer.  You can choose from different sizes as well as different ages when picking the tree that you prefer.  You can even order these plants in bulk and hire someone to plant them on your behalf.

Bald Cypress - Plants of the World by natureandevents, on Flickr
Bald Cypress – Plants of the World” (CC BY 2.0) by  natureandevents

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