How Much Does a Black Angus Cow Cost?

A black Angus cow is one of the many breeds of cow from which we get steak and other meat.  If there is one thing that people love about dinner, it is having a plate filled with veggies, mashed potatoes and a big juicy steak.  Steak is probably the most popular dinner item for those who are craving meat.  The price of steak can greatly vary according to the type of steak, the type of cow from which it is taken, and the part of the cow from which it is carved.  Some meats are more tender and juicy than others, and the better the quality of meat the more expensive it will be.  The black Angus cow is generally grown for human consumption and they are probably the most popular breed of cows in the United States.  People who would like to raise these cows to provide beef for consumers will need to consider the price of the cow when determining how much they will charge for the meat.

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