How Much Does the BLS Certification Cost?

BLS, or Basic Life Support, certification is something that is useful to almost any person in the event of an emergency.  Depending on the situation, a medical professional may not be available.  If a person is choking, is in need of CPR, or is having a seizure, the BLS certification can come in handy.  All medical professionals and paramedics are required to have this certification, along with fire fighters and police officers.  However, this certification can be useful to the layperson as well.  There are many everyday jobs for which the BLS certification is useful, such as child care, education, and security just to name a few.  The BLS certification also educates the holder on how to use an AED, or automated external defibrillator, which can aid in the event of cardiac arrest.  With the exception of the AED, the BLS teaches you to perform lifesaving techniques without the aid of any medical equipment or further training.  These things can be done before the paramedics or medical professionals arrive or until the person is able to be taken to the hospital.  In many cases, these are the things that initially save the person’s life.

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