How Much Does a BMI License Cost?

A BMI license gives the holder the permission to play music signed to the BMI Label.  Under this label, popular artists such as the Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Lady Gaga and classic soundtracks from film and TV are included.  If a band or single artist writes a hit song, the song is often played over and over again and can be heard in almost any setting.  Anytime these songs are played, the artist receives a cut of the profits;  this payment is known as a “royalty.”  Any establishment that would like to play songs by different artists should get a license from the recording company of which the artist is a part.  The BMI Label is one of the leading recording companies that provides great music.  The BMI License allows your business to get access to these artists and more.  This license can be used to play music for employees or customers.

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