How Much Does a Breast Pump Rental Cost?

A breast pump is a machine that is used to extract milk from a mother’s breast to be stored for later use.  Breastfeeding can be a very time-consuming task since the baby may eat as often as every two hours.  This is especially a problem for working mothers.

In order to make this easier, the breast pump can be used to feed the child breast milk from a bottle so that the mother does not necessarily have to be there.  However, a good breast pump can cost more than a few hundred dollars.  Those who are on a strict budget often find that the investment is not worth it, especially if they do not know if breast pumping is even going to work in the first place.  Thankfully, breast pumps can be rented out for a low fee.  The cost will depend on the brand, the duration of the rental and the company renting it out.

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