How Much Does Broken Axle Repair Cost?

An axle is that straight shaft that is located underneath the vehicle.  This is a part that is easy to see by simply glancing under the car.  The axles have many functions, and each is vital to the car’s working properly.   The basic function of the axle is to keep the wheels in place.  Aside from this function, an axle is also responsible for absorbing the brake and acceleration of the vehicle, is an integral part of the steering system, and bears the whole weight of the car.  There are three kinds of axles in vehicle:  straight axle, split-axle, and the tandem axle.  The most common type of axle is the split axle, in which the tires on the right and left side of the car are connected separately.  This allows the two sides to absorb bumps and dips differently, giving the car a smoother ride.  It also allows the tires to turn at different speeds, giving the car better traction when going through turns.  The type of axle in your car will depend on its make and model.

If you begin to feel a strange vibration as you drive, this is a good indication that there is something wrong with your car.  Most often, the problem lies in the axle.  In some cases, there may just be something out of line; other times, however, the axle may have broken.  A broken axle needs to be fixed immediately; otherwise, it can cause substantial damage to your vehicle.


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