How Much Do Classroom Clickers Cost?

Classroom clickers are a new phenomenon in education.  Teachers have a very important task – to educate the youth in order to better their future.  There are many methods of teaching, and teachers use different strategies in their classrooms to help their students learn.  Studies have shown that the more interactive the learning atmosphere is, the more likely the students are to absorb the information.  Teachers that use hands-on labs, discussions, and class projects are more likely to see their students succeed than those that simply lecture, give notes, and administer tests.  Classroom clickers are made up of three main components: the clickers, the software, and the computer or screen that is used to show results.  When using this method of teaching, the teacher will give each student a “clicker” which looks somewhat like a remote control.  When the teacher poses a question, each student will give his answer by pushing the corresponding button, and immediately the software will update the screen to show the results to the teacher and students.  This is a great to make sure that the students are paying attention and to gauge the understanding of the class as a whole.

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