How Much Does a Clydesdale Horse Cost?

The Clydesdale horse is a breed belonging to the category of draft horse.  A draft horse is a breed of horse used to perform heavy tasks. These tasks include plowing and farm labor.  There are many types of horses and each type is bred for specific purposes.  Different breeds of horses are built for different things, such as work, racing, or show.   The Clydesdale is considered to be a draft horse since most have innate characteristics such as patience, docile temperament, and the strength to perform the task presented to them.  Draft horses in our day can also be used for much more than work such as farming; they can also be used for show, logging, recreation and other uses.  One of the most common uses for Clydesdales, and probably the most well-known by the average person, is pulling carriages for horse and buggy rides.

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