How Much Does a Cone Beam CT Cost?

A cone beam CT, or CBCT, is a more sophisticated form of a CT (computed tomography) scan.  A CT scan is useful for physicians to diagnose many different things including cancer in all areas of the body.  While an x-ray only shows bones, a CT also shows muscles and soft-tissue and is therefore  more thorough.  CT scans use rotating x-ray equipment along with computer technology.  However, like an x-ray, this is done by using radiation.  A cone beam CT is a compact, faster and safer version.  With this method, the time needed for actual scanning is dramatically reduced which lessens the amount and danger of radiation.  by using a cone shaped x-ray, the CBCT does not only reduce the radiation dosage but also makes the size of the scanner itself smaller as well.  This means that instead of having to have a whole room for the machine, a CBCT machine can be used in locations such as a dentist’s office.  It can also be used to scan much smaller parts of the body rather than larger areas such as the head or abdomen.

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