How Much Does Confectioners’ Sugar Cost?

Confectioners’ sugar, commonly known as powdered sugar, is a light sugar that is powder like in texture.  It is often used as a Whether you are a pastry chef or just someone who takes delight in baking different snacks, you would agree that most sweets and desserts are not complete without a final dusting of confectioners’ sugar.  Confectioners’ sugar comes in different grades that indicate finer grains.  Also known as icing sugar, confectioners’ sugar complements a lot of sweet snacks such as fried donuts, french toast, funnel cakes, and beignets.  In addition, this type of sugar is commonly used to make some cake frostings, sugar glazes, dessert sauces, and decorative icings.  Thus, confectioners’ sugar is a must-have in the kitchen of a baker.  In industrial food production, confectioners’ sugar is used when the product being made requires a quick dissolving sugar.

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