How Much Does it Cost to Enlarge a Ring?

Enlarging a ring is the process used to make an existing ring larger.  Enlarging a ring may be needed for a variety of reasons, such as a sudden weight gain, an injury that affected the size of the finger permanently, or a ring that was purchased in the wrong size.  No matter what the reason, enlarging a ring is a much better and cheaper option than buying an entirely new ring.  Resizing a ring should only be done by jewelers who are trained to either enlarge or shrink the size of your precious jewelry without destroying its appearance or sentimental value.  Enlarging your ring is going to cost more than making your ring smaller.  Although the charge for the actual labor will be about the same, enlarging a ring means that more metal is needed.  For a gold ring, gold will need to be added in order to make it larger.  Although some types of rings will be more complex and more expensive, professional jewelers will be able to re-size any ring that you need adjusted regardless of the design.

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