How Much Does it Cost to Re-key Locks?

Re-keying a lock is the process of taking every lock in a home and re-keying it so that it accepts a new key.  According to many locksmiths, one of the most common jobs done is the process of re-keying locks at a home or a business.  This process is going to be a lot cheaper than getting new locks installed in each door.  The cost of re-keying a lock is going to depend on the number of doors that need to be done, the locksmith performing the job, as well as the geographical location.

How much is it?

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  1. Jean Snow paid $ and said:

    My house had been termite tented, keys left under the door mat when they left. Living alone, I figured for my security, it would be best to change the locks on the 3 outside doors on the house.

    I called American Lock & Key. He suggested I change all the locks at about $1,000!! No way! I rent it from my son-in-law, and he’s great, but I couldn’t afford that much (and would not charge him for the work).

    The locksmith did something to all 3 doors, and charged me $855 (!) for 12 Cylinder Combination changes -evidently 2 changes for each of 3 doors. Was I taken?

  2. Mark's Locksmith paid $ and said:

    Jean Snow: You was taken! Did you call around for a licensed locksmith or just called one and say, okay. Do you know how to find a licensed locksmith in your state? If not, hopefully you will the next time you need a locksmith. You did get ripped off A LOT! A licensed locksmith will tell you how much it will cost for them to come out and rekey your locks. I tell my customers that the trip charge is $40.00 and its $10 per lock. Telling me you have 3 doors to rekey doesn’t tell me how many locks you have. You could have one lock on each door or two locks on each door. Was any of those locks double deadbolt locks? All you have to do is know how to count locks! Where do you get 12 Cylinders? There are at most 9 Cylinders! The cost for a higher paid locksmith might be $80 + $15 + $15 + $15 + $15 + $15 + $15 + $15 + $15 + $15 = $215.00 and you paid $855.00! You got RIPPED OFF! Those unlicensed locksmiths look out for victims like you! You just made their day! I wish I could find customers like you. I would be a millionaire! I’m sure they’re telling all their friends how much money they got from you!

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