How Much Does it Cost to Repipe a House?

Repiping a house is a procedure performed to restore, repair, or replace the pipes that are installed in your house and are used for plumbing.  Since pipes are hidden or installed within the walls of your house, the cost to repipe a house can be expensive and messy.  The cost to repipe a house usually depends on the type of material that will be used to replace the existing pipes.  The length of the pipes that will be installed in the house can also be a factor for the difference in the price as can the contractor that is performing the job.

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Average Price for Users : $5000

  1. Rob (Highland Park,nj) paid $5000+ and Said,

    I own several properties and am a landlord. One of my properties was in an older district and after several leaks and tenants complaints I ended up repiping a house with 3200 sq footage. It was expensive! For another property someone had told me about the alternative which is relining and now that is always the route I will take. I spent about 7000 dollars less and didnt have to ask my tenants to leave while walls were being broken. I strongly encourage people to look into that if they are considering repiping just my two cents and way to pay it forward

    Was it worth it: No

  2. david paid $ and Said,

    had a leak under slab of house. had the house repiped for 4800 with PEX. copper would have been 5600. average single family home.

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