How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Body?

Shipping a body is one of the many things that may need to be done after the death of a family member or loved one.  Death can be very sudden and unexpected sometimes, while other times death may be somewhat expected, such as when a person is in hospice.  If the person who passed away did so in a different area than where the funeral will take place, the body may need to be shipped to the funeral city.

When shipping a body, there are a lot of documents that must be processed and requirements that must be met.   Because the family members are responsible for all of these arrangements but may be having a hard time doing so, there are funeral companies that specialize in handling these funeral arrangements.  A body can be shipped in many different ways.  For example, the body can be transported before or after it has been prepared for the funeral.  It could also be shipped after the funeral to a burial site out of town.  If the body has been cremated, there are specific regulations that must be followed to ship the remains.  All of these ways of shipping can also be done on through ground or air transportation.

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