How Much Does a Crochet Hook Cost?

A crochet hook is a vital component to the art and hobby of crocheting.  Although there have been theories that crochet must have evolved from traditional customs in South America, Iran, or China, there is no specific evidence yet that the said craft was practiced before it became popular in Europe around the 19th century.   Some people said that in 1824, the first published crochet pattern was featured in the Dutch magazine, “Penelope.”  In Ireland, crochet lace work was introduced as another way to earn a living for the penniless Irish workers during the Great Irish Famine in 1845 through to 1849.

Nevertheless, crochet is one of the many hobbies many women want to do even today.   And when we speak of crochet, we readily imagine its basic components, namely, the yarn or thread and the crochet hook.

The crochet hook, also called crochet needle, is a type of needle that has a hook on one end specifically designed to pull the yarn through knotted loops.


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