How Much Does Cypress Lumber Cost?

Cypress lumber is, very simply, the wood that comes from the cypress tree.  The cypress tree is known for its scalelike leaves and woody cones.  But did you also know that aside from its appearance, cypress is also valued for its wood?  Its wood is also known for its aesthetic appeal as well as its durability.  Cypress lumber is a great option that maybe you should consider for your project.  There are many different types of cypress lumber, and each one can have a varying shade or color.  Most of these trees are found in southern states.  Cypress wood is popularly used for trim, cabinets, countertops, flooring, and paneling; however, cypress lumber can be used for just about anything.  Another use for cypress lumber that is becoming more and more popular is siding a home.  No matter your purpose for the purchase of cypress lumber, the prices will be about the same.

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