How Much Does Damp Proofing Cost?

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Damp proofing is a frequent household problem that can eventually makes your home not only wet and cold, but also painful to live in.  Rising damp takes place when ground water ascends through walls by capillary action. Instead of rising through the brickwork itself, the dampness goes up throughout the mortar beds of the bricks. It could disintegrate flooring support if ignored and left as is, leading to the occurrence of decay.

Rising damp water in homes can cause destruction to the property, hence it’s crucial to recognize and repair the problem.  Symptoms of rising damp include flaking wallpaper or paint and rotten skirting boards.  Nobody likes having damp-proofing work done since it’s a very filthy job; however, it is better than the alternative rotting and deteriorating you may exaperience if you don’t have it done.

Penetrating damp is caused by problems with the household exterior such as leaking roof or broken pipes and gutters, thus exposing the external walls to steady, fast-moving water.

Condensation damp, on the other hand, is typically caused by plain everyday things we do at home such as cooking, drying wet clothes on a radiator, or running hot water.  All these things emit moisture-heavy hot air which then gets confined inside a poorly ventilated home.

You can actually purchase damp-proof cream kits online or from stores if you are prefer to take care of the job yourself.  Other cost determinants are size of the area covered and any additional equipment deemed necessary.

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