How Much Does a Diamond Appraisal Cost?

An diamond appraisal is very important in obtaining the necessary insurance coverage for your gem in the event of theft, loss, or damage.  It is also necessary when you intend to sell your diamond, assuring that you will get its actual value rather than being undersold.  If you obtain a valid appraisal, you may eventually make a big difference with the sale.  Without the knowledge and proper tools, you will not be able to tell if the stone is even a real diamond, let alone whether or not it has any faults or imperfections.  The workers in the average jewelry store may be able to tell you if the stone is or is not real, but they will probably not have the ability to determine the quality of the stone.

A legitimate appraisal needs to be done by an independent and qualified gemmological laboratory, which conducts an assessment of your diamond(s) to determine its genuineness.  This is determined according to whether or not the stone conforms to the criteria listed in the Diamond Grading Report.  The laboratory will then issue a certificate, detailing all the qualities of your diamond.


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