How Much Does Dog Leg Amputation Cost?

Dog leg amputation surgery is unfortunately very common among dogs.  Anytime someone loses the ability to perform as task that he was previously able to do, it can cause many problems.  This is true when someone loses vision, loses his voice, or loses a limb.  This scenario is not limited to human beings, because this can happen to animals as well. It can be devastating news to hear when you hear a veterinarian telling you that he has to amputate your dog’s leg.  However, in some cases, amputation is the only option.  If your dog suffers from bone cancer or has an accident, surgery may be the best way to stop the cancer from spreading or prevent infection.  Although this is a very extensive surgery for humans, dogs will heal much faster that humans do.  Dogs typically do not feel depression like human beings do, and they are therefore able to cope with the situation and adapt to their new circumstances fairly quickly.  If a vet suggests your dog’s leg be amputated, this is probably the best way to improve its condition.

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  1. Mike Roberts (Layton ,  Utah) paid $$1000 and said:

    Got a amputation on my dog done at Mountain View Animal Clinic. It was $850 plus an overnight stay of $100. The doctor said his average amputation surgery is $800.

    Was it worth it? : Yes

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