How Much Does an Emergency Room Visit Cost?

An emergency room visit is when a person is in need of immediate medical attention and cannot wait to get an appointment with a family doctor.  Most people try very hard to stay in good health.  In order to do this, they have regular visits to the doctor to make sure that everything is functioning the way that it should.  However, there are cases in which someone may need to visit the hospital in cases of unexpected conditions.  During these cases, an emergency room is usually consulted.  These are cases when a particular accident or health occurrence needs immediate medical attention and tests as well as observation will be performed to ensure that you are out of danger.  Going to the emergency room does not necessarily mean that you will be admitted to the hospital.  Instead, the emergency room will stabilize the patient and then consult a doctor to determine the best course of action.

How much does an emergency room visit cost?

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Average Reported Cost: $0

  1. David paid $ and said:

    Received a bill for ER visit of $298
    Received a bill to repair superficial wound with glue – $385.00
    Received a general bill from the hospital with no explanation for $598.96 for a total of $1,281.96. I did not even see a physician, just a physician’s assistant. They did not take any blood, x-rays or give me any shots. I washed my wound and they put glue on it. That was it. I do not have insurance and that is what I was charged!!!

  2. Fei paid $ and said:

    Scratch eye… A numb medication in one eye and a preventive vaccine injection and two precriptions of pain reliever and antibactical eye drops. Those cost 2500 dollars without insurance

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