How Much Does an Expired Tag Ticket Cost?

An expired tag ticket is given when the sticker that is placed on the license plate is over due.  The license plate tags, also referred to as tabs, show the registration of the vehicle with the city.  These tabs usually expire on the driver’s date of birth.  They are different colors so that the police officers can easily see if the tabs are current or expired.  Driving with an expired tag is a misdemeanor on the car owner’s – who is most often the driver – permanent record, and it entails a punishment, the weight of which depends on the state where he/she belongs or where the vehicle is registered.  The penalty may come as a fine or the vehicle can potentially get impounded.

Procrastination is one of the reasons license plates, tags, and registration are not renewed on time; however, there are also unavoidable circumstances that lead to the delay.  These things, however, are now being made easy.  Aside from going personally for the renewal, you can do it online or by mail.  If you do not do this on time, you will have to pay not only for new tags, but also for the ticket given for expired tags.

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