How Much Does a Eyebrow Piercing Cost?

An eyebrow piercing is the most common facial piercing that is seen today.  An eyebrow piercing refers to any kind of vertical or horizontal incision into the eyebrows as a personal statement.  It is a relatively modern form of fashion, although some people insist that it is an art. Introduced by the punk movement in the 1980s, the eyebrow piercing does not have any tribal or cultural origins, but it is associated with a certain community.  Eyebrow piercing receives different reactions from different people.  While some people promote this kind of fashion, many frown at it and find it disgusting.  Nevertheless, it is an individual’s prerogative to express himself any way he chooses.  An eyebrow piercing is usually done in a tattoo and piercing shop; these can be found in excess in most locations.


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