How Much Does Fence Removal Cost?

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Over time,  a fence can start to wither away and deteriorate.  While fences can give you, your children, and your pets a safe environment, a broken and dilapidated fence can actually pose safety hazards.  Fences are also meant for privacy, but fences with missing panels or boards will not be able to accomplish this.  Another reason that people choose to install a fence is to improve the look of the home; a broken or rotten fence will do the opposite.  Whether it is because of the weather conditions or the age, a fence that is broken or worn out will have to be removed if you plan on installing a new one.  If you do not plan to install a new one, the old one can be torn down to rid your yard of the unsightly look of the fence.  While on the surface it may seem to be an easy job to do, you need to remember all the foundation and concrete work that went into installing the fence since this makes it much harder to remove.  Many people choose to pay a professional to do the job instead.


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