How Much Does Filet Mignon Cost?

Filet mignon is one of the many cuts of beef that are considered steak.  A nice, juicy steak can satisfy even the most ardent appetite.  There are different beef cuts available, but there are only a few select cuts that are considered as a steak.  This is because there is only a specific part of the beef that is tender enough for this kind of cut.  This can be expensive as well since only a small part of the beef can be used as steak.

Tenderloin is the most popular beef cut since it is naturally tender.  These are the most expensive parts of the beef since the average steer will only have up to 6 pounds of this part of beef.  Tenderloin is a thick strip of meat, and at the smaller end of it is the filet mignon.  Filet mignon is even more expensive due to the fact that only a small piece of the meat can be obtained from each steer.

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