How Much Do Fireplace Mantels Cost?

A mantel is a chimney piece that is used as decorative framework around your fireplace.  These often have elaborate designs that could sometimes reach as high as the ceiling.  A mantel emphasizes on the artistic features of your room, adding an additional layer of design.  The price of mantels greatly varies depending on the design as well as the size of the mantel itself.

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  1. Tom paid $ and said:


    Mantels come in two broad styles, mantel shelves and mantel surrounds. We bought a full mantel surround for $660 from fireplacemantels123 and we were very pleased. They paid for shipping, it came quickly and was easy to install. We selected “paint grade” and our painter matched it to the color of woodwork. My wife and I installed it in an afternoon. It was a fun project.

    Tom – LA

  2. bryan paid $ and said:

    How much does it cost to have a carved marble fireplace installed?

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