How Much Does A Flemish Giant Rabbit Cost?

Flemish giant rabbits are one of the many types of rabbits that can be kept as a household pet.  Rabbits are known to be cute and cuddly creatures.  They are usually grow to be about the size of a cat, and it is rare to see a bunny much larger than this.  Flemish giant rabbits have acquired that name for a reason – they can grow to be much larger than a cat, even twice the size.  These rabbits are domesticated and are famous mostly because of their large size.  Flemish giant rabbits are considered to be one of the most domesticated pets since they are docile and tolerant of gentle handling, even more so than a normal bunny which can be jumpy and fidgety.  However, like all animals, if they are handled incorrectly or irresponsibly, the Flemish giant rabbit can become fearful as well as violent.  Because of their size, they also need adequate living space so that their movement is not inhibited.

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