How Much Does a Gallon Of Paint Cost?

Paint can be used in many various ways.  Whether you’re painting a bedroom, the outside of a home, the deck or even a car, there are so many places that you can put.  Since there are so many variables that play a factor when it comes down to the pricing, factors such as the brand, type and more.

How much does a gallon of paint cost?

Brand of Paint
Price Range per Gallon
Ace Paint
$31 to $39
$29 to $35
Benjamin Moore
$48 to $55
$39 to $47
$38 to $45
$43 to $49
$25 to $30
Pittsburgh Paints
$47 to $54
$44 to $55
$30 to $40
$37 to $48

NOTE:  Most of the averages noted above are for a basic Eggshell paint.  The average gallon of paint can cover anywhere from 325 to as much as 450 square feet.

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