How Much Does Ganglion Cyst Removal Cost?

A ganglion cyst is an inflammation that emerges around tendons and joints usually in the hand or down near the foot. These cysts contain clear fluid and are most frequently are seen around the wrist and even on the fingers.  The mass of this cyst varies over a time period.  Its etiology is currently unknown, as these cysts are perceived to be idiopathic or with cause that is still undetermined.

There are 2 options when it comes to ganglion cyst removal.  These options include Aspiration and Ganglionectomy. Aspiration is completed with the use of a syringe that is injected into the abnormal sac to cart off the fluid substance by suction.  It was found, however, that the aspiration procedure usually incurs a high-level repetition rate, so Ganglion Cyst Removal Surgery (also known as ganglionectomy) is the preferred and suggested treatment.   During this surgical intervention, the surgeon marks the marginal boundaries of the abnormal sac as with the use of a scalpel After the sac is cut out and entirely excised, the incision is stitched back and dressed for recovery.

How much is it?

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Average Reported Cost: $3269

50 %
50 %
Less Expensive $1 $1.5K $3K $5K $6.5K More Expensive $8k

How much did you spend?

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  1. Kenny Bowman (Marion,  Virginia) paid $$35,000 and said:

    Had ganglion cyst surgically removed on left wrist and was charged an outlandish amount with about $30,000 just from Mountain States Health Alliance to use their facility for about 6 hours. Was told by surgeon that they get about $2,000 for their services, so MSHA received $28,000. OUCH!!!! No wonder health insurance cost are becoming outrageous. Don’t use MSHA if possible.

    Was it worth it? No

  2. Dom Coop (Franklin,  Indiana) paid $6538 and said:

    Outrageous costs inflated for insurance including double billing for ambulatory surgery, anesthesia and doctor. Sprung general surgery when I turned up at office for a local removal in Dr’s office. No prices given beforehand

    Was it worth it? Yes

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