How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost?

If you have a garage door that is malfunctioning or not working at all, you may be in need of repair.  While repair can be pricey, it will usually be less expensive than replacing the garage door altogether.  With regular maintenance and quality parts, a garage door can last 20 or more years.  However, cheaper garage doors or those built with low quality parts may only last 5 years before needing to be repaired or replaced.  The garage door repair will normally need to be done by an expert in the field.  These contractors can charge different prices depending on the extent of the damage, the parts needed, and the hours put in.

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  1. JC paid $ and Said,

    Fulton Homes built the house and used inferior parts. Wrong size springs and plastic parts on the garage door. The spring broke and everything is wore out the house is only 7 yrs old. and sold for $500,000.00 when new. The repair cost us $750,00. Had to replace everything.

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