How Much Does A Glass Shower Door Cost?

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A glass shower door is a door that acts as a divider between the shower and the rest of the bathroom.  Depending on the type of shower you have, a glass door may not be necessary.  If you have a traditional bath tub that also has a shower head for showering, a glass door is not something that you can use.  These traditional showers use a simple shower curtain with a liner to ensure that the water does not escape the tub.  Glass shower doors are used for stand alone showers that are separate from the bath tub, such as the one pictured below.  Glass shower doors have many advantages.  First of all, they keep the water in the shower area so there is no water damage to other parts of the bathroom.  Second, they keep the warmth and steam in the shower better than a traditional shower curtain.  Third, glass shower doors are much easier to clean and are more resistant to mildew.  There are other types of shower doors that can be used for stand alone showers, such as plastic or ceramic, but glass shower doors are the most commonly chosen.


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