How Much Do Hair Drug Tests Cost?

Hair follicle drug testing is a zero-tolerance test and is one of the most reliable methods of drug detection today.  It is used by parents, law enforcement, officials, and employers.  With this procedure, even the smallest amount of a drug can be revealed.  Hair drug test analysis can supply a drug record over the past 90 days and has consistently been shown to be more dependable than urinalysis and other methods in accurately detecting drug abusers.  Using a small hair sample cut at the scalp, hair analysis evaluates the amount of the substance deep-rooted inside the hair shaft. Hair growth is approximately 0.5 inches per month. The hair sample required is about 80 to 120 strands and should be cut close to the scalp. Body hair like facial, underarm, or even pubic hair is a suitable alternative in the absence of hair on the head.

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