How Much Do Havanese Puppies Cost?

The havanese breed is arguably of the most attractive breeds of dog available.  These dogs can be easily trained, and they can be very affectionate to their owners which make them a well-loved breed.  They are a dog breed of the Bichon type and their main characteristic is their long fur.

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Average Reported Cost: $2000

  1. Jessica paid $ and said:

    In Mass, the price for a quality purebred 8 weeks old is $1500 and up! Please research your breeder and always make sure their puppies and parents are fully health tested. They should be happy to give references, and all paperwork. Despite popular belief, tear stains are not normal! I don’t know how many ‘quality’ puppies I’ve looked at through online sources that had them. The breeder I’m going through has no puppy or adult with health issues, including tear staining, and I’m very lucky to have found them! P.S. I have thoroughly researched this breed for many years.

  2. Julie (Acworth,Georgia) paid $2000 and said:

    I am a breeder and all four of my dogs cost more than $2,000. For a pet Havanese from any State, I would not pay less than $1,000. If you pay less than that, chances are your breeder will not replace you pup if he/she is sick of has congenital issues. You want to buy from a breeder that offers a contract of more than 72 hours. You want your breeder to give a 1 or 2 year or possibly a lifetime guarantee for your puppy. You can find a Havanese for $400 or $500, but I wouldn’t buy it.

    Also, these are very smart, family friendly dogs. Easy to train..non~shedding; Hypo Allergenic…..awesome and worth every cent. Sometimes you can find an older puppy (3 months old or so) that may be $950 or there’s about but you get what you pay for. If someone is breeding puppies on the cheap….you may get one that doesn’t exhibit all the fine character qualities of the Havanese breed because the parents are sick, mean or not the standard temperament of the breed!! Buyer Beware!!

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