How Much Does Heartworm Treatment Cost?

Heartworm treatment is a procedure which attacks a parasitic roundworm that resides in the pulmonary arterial system.  The heartworm is a thread like worm that usually lives in dogs, cats, wolves and other animals.  While they can also infect humans, this only happens in very rare circumstances.  There are different ways to remove heartworm from the host, but drug treatment is the most common treatment performed on animals today.  The price for the treatment depends on the type of treatment that will be used to get rid of the heartworms as well as the weight of the dog.

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  1. Muhammad paid $ and said:

    Most veterinarians will rmmneceod a yearly test for blood parasites – not just heartworm but other parasites including lyme disease and other ‘nasties’ – a vet will want to be certain before your dog continues with the heartworm preventative, that he does not test positive for heartworm as continuing with preventatives under those circumstances could have very serious consequences.If you are getting your prescription for heartworm from your vet, he must be sure that your dog is not heartworm positive to satisfy the requirements of the drug manufacturers as the medications stipulate that they are only to be prescribed to dogs who have tested negative for heartworm.Some vets will allow you to only have a test every two years for your dog if you are buying your prescription medicine through them, have bought all the doses for a year from them and are confident that you have not missed giving a dose.Personally, I would prefer an annual test for the peace of mind.

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