How Much Does House Arrest Cost?

House arrest is an alternative way of confining a defendant to a certain residence instead of serving time in jail.  It is also known as home confinement, home detention, or electronic monitoring.  House arrest does not allow the defendant to travel or in some cases even go outside the house.  This type of confinement can provide an advantage to both the defendant and the government.  House arrest is much cheaper for the government; rather than paying the cost for you to be in jail, you will pay the cost of being monitored.  House arrest also allows the defendant to be in the comfort of a home with a limited amount of freedom rather than being stuck in prison.

The way house arrest works is by placing an electronic device, usually referred to as a tether, around the defendant’s ankle.  This unit will be monitored and will send a signal to the monitoring company if the wearer leaves the designated area at any time.  This tether is unable to be removed unless you have the key or code, something to which only the officer will have access.

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