How Much Do Ball Pythons Cost?

If you love pets of different kinds and breeds, you may have considered owning a ball python.  This kind of snake is usually advised for beginners since it will not grow larger than 5 feet in length and they can be handled easily, making it a wonderful pet for adults and children alike.  The ball python has a life span of up to 50 years, and the cost of maintenance is fairly low.  The reason this snake is called a ball python is because it rolls like a ball when threatened.

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  1. Robert Montgomey paid $ and said:

    There are some things in your article which I would like to clarify.

    Browse the web for pet shop websites that allow you to select the specific snake you want. Before you purchase, however, check with your local laws as some cities and states ban this particular kind of pet.

    Rebuff: I have yet to find one state that does not permit owning or selling Ball Pythons

    In order to save on the feeding cost, look for alternatives to buying mice for your snake. This can include trapping them yourself.

    Rebuff: NEVER EVER CATCH your rats or mice to feed your ball python. Always get your feeders from a reputable source such as a reptile shop, or a breeder that raises and sells feeder mice and rats. PetCo and PetSmart normally do not sell feeders so do not try these.

    Old clothes may be used as bedding for the pet instead of purchasing bedding material.

    Rebuff: Newspaper and or Paper Towels both may be used as bedding for your ball python. Paper Towels are very cheap at a local dollar store or Dollar General. Newspapers are free if you ask neighbors to save them for you.

    Bearwolf_Enterprises and Den of Snakes
    Robert Montgomery

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