How Much Do Clown Fish Cost?

The clown fish, also known as an anemone fish, is one of the thousands of species of fish that can be found in the different oceans.  Within the family of clown fish, there are thirty specific types of clown fish recognized.  Although clown fish have been around a long time, their popularity sky-rocketed with the release of the Disney movie Finding Nemo.  Clown fish is a type of tropical fish native to warmer waters of the Indian as well as the Pacific Ocean.  A clown fish is also popular for their colors which are composed of black, white and, orange.  Another trait that makes clown fish unique is that they evolved to become immune to the nematocysts and toxins of the anemone.  This is the reason that is can also be referred to as the anemone fish, and it is the reason that a lot of clown fish live in anemones.  With their vibrant colors and active movement, clown fish is a great addition to any aquarium.

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