How Much Do Gum Grafts Cost?

A gum graft is done to protect the teeth from the damaging or destructive effects of bacteria, aggressive brushing, and hypersensitivity.  It may also be done to improve one’s smile.  Bacteria infection is the process whereby the tissues attached to the teeth is pulled away, a process which leads to the exposure of the tooth’s root.  If it goes unnoticed and is not treated right away, it might lead to tooth loss.  While this is a dental concern, many people are also concerned with the look of receding gums.  The gum line being pulled away exposes more of the teeth as well, greatly affecting the person’s smile.  The gum grafting process is going to help get rid of the gum exposure.  The cost of a gum graft is going to depend on the dentist, geographical location, and the amount of work that has to be done.

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