How Much Do Hops Cost?

Hops are the female flowers of the hop species.  These are usually in the shape of a cone and contain seeds, much like a pine cone.  The most popular use for hops is to add flavor to freshly brewed beer.  Hops also act as a stability agent to prevent the ingredients in the beer from separating.  Brewing your own beer is a fascinating hobby to some people.  There are many ingredients and things that you need in order to brew beer, and hops are an indispensable one.

There are different kinds of hops that you could use, and the one that you choose to use depends on how strong and pungent you want your beer to be.  For instance, you could use English hops for a strong bitter beer, or if you want a milder and zestier beer, you could use Fuggle or Polish Loblin hops.


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