How Much Do Onions Cost?

Onions are a common component to almost all recipes.  In fact, onion is considered to be one of the most importance spices of all.  Not that it only makes the foods tastier but onions have healthy benefits about which every health conscious person would be happy.  Onions are a very versatile food and can used in many different ways.  You can fry them, sauté them, eat them raw, cook them in a stew or soup, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  Onions usually fall into two categories: the spring-summer onions and fall-winter onions.  Specific types of onions fall into each categories and they are priced differently as well.  Each type of onion will have a unique flavor and some even have a unique texture.  The recipe and dish you are trying to make will determine what type of onion you should purchase.

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