How Much Do Roof Trusses Cost?

Roof trusses are a popular choice for home constructions and renovations because of their cost-efficiency, durability and versatility compared to traditional rafters.  Trusses can be made of timber or steel and are formed together to support the weight of the roof.  The most common and oldest type of truss is in the King post truss, which is in the shape of a triangle.  The horizontal piece along the bottom is called the tie beam, the vertical piece through the middle is called the king post, the sides are called the rafters, and the middle pieces are called struts.  There are other types of roof trusses that allow for different shaped roofs.  Some of these include Queen post, arch-braced, hammerbeam, and scissor.

Sales people in most lumber retail stores offer to help buyers choose from a wide variety of trusses designs available which have all passed the approval of structural engineers for safety and value according to existing local building codes.  Check the certification of local code compliance for trusses that you are interested in purchasing to guarantee good quality.


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