How Much Does a Biopsy Cost?

A biopsy is a type of medical test which involves sampling of cells or body tissues that will be used for examination.  The samples obtained from a patient are observed under a microscope and will be analyzed chemically to determine if there are any traces of cancer.  Cancer is one of the dealiest diseases that can attack people, and one of the best chances of defeating is early detection Since as cancer progresses, it becomes harder to treat.  Early detection of cancer can be accomplished through a biposy.  Not only can a biopsy detect cancer, but it can also tell what kind of cancer it is and therefore allow the doctor to know the best course of treatment.  A biopsy can be categorized as excisional or incisional biopsy; the difference is the type of sample being obtained from the body.  While an entire lump is removed for excisional biopsy, only a sample tissue is collected in incisional biopsy.

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  1. Jan K (New Britain,  CT) paid $$1300.00 and said:

    It was an external growth on the side of the ankle. It was easy to break off a piece as it was relatively long and skinny and a scalpel was not needed. In fact, I broke off the piece and handed it to the doctor.

    The doctor put a small adhesive bandage on it and I treated it myself at home. I am in awe of the price of the biopsy. There were still other charges for this visit which was for nothing else other than this dark and somewhat crusty skin tag. The $1,300 shown above is for the biopsy along and to make it worse, the could tell me that it wasn’t cancerous but nothing else. I asked what it was and got nothing. They can’t tell me what it was. I can understand $1,300 if they did a complete workup and analysis on the growth but this? No, I can’t see why it was so much.

    Was it worth it? No

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