How Much Does a Dog Xray Cost?

A dog x-ray is one of the most important diagnostic tools for most veterinarians to have in their offices.  X-rays can be used to check for fractures, the degree of bone break, or to check the pregnancy stage of a dog.  In addition, a dog x-ray could determine the number of pups a pregnant dog is going to have.  It could also detect stomach obstructions and possible tumors.  Because of the nature of dogs to chew and swallow things they are not supposed to, x-rays can be used to show whether a dog could have swallowed an item such as a safety pin, rock, toys or nails.  Just as an x-ray is important for doctors to use on humans, the dog x-ray is an important tool for diagnostics and to prevent further complications.

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Average Reported Cost: $130

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  1. Julian (Ogden,  Utah) paid $130 and said:

    Left front leg x ray

    Was it worth it? : Yes

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