How Much Does a Dryer Cost?

A dryer is an electronic unit that is used to dry clothing after it has been washed.  Until the invent of the dryer, the only way to dry clothes was through the clothes line under the sun and open to the drying power of the breeze.  It was also the cheapest method.  In fact, due to the increasing cost of living and in an effort to conserve energy, many homeowners have turned back to using the clothes line and pins to dry their laundry.

However, not everyone has the time or capabilities of doing this.  Some communities and homeowners’ associations restrict the use of clothes lines in their areas for some reasons.  Besides, lack of space around their homes prohibits many residents from using the clothes lines.  Also, a clothes line needs at least a few hours to completely dry the clothes, while a dryer can do it in about 30 minutes.

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