How Much Does a Goat Cost?

A goat is an animal that is closely related to the sheep and has long been used for its milk, meat, hair, and skin.  The United States produces about 3 million goats annually, with the state of Texas being one of the highest producers; this is such a small number compared to the overall demand for this livestock.  In fact, the United States is the largest importer of goats in the world.  There is a high demand for goat meat because it is known to be lower in fat and cholesterol than beef, pork and even chicken.

There are different breeds of goats, and each one is bred for a specific purpose.  There are three main breeds in each category that are available for purchase.  If you want to raise goats for their milk, then you need to purchase the dairy breed.  Those who raise goats for meat purposes can also come from any breed.  Fiber goats are raised for their hair. Lastly, if you want one for pet purposes, any breed will suffice.  People choose to raise goats for various reasons and knowing what your purpose is before purchasing one will make purchasing goats easier to do.


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