How Much Does a Mop Cost?

Although there have been many forms of mops used since the beginning of time, the mop as we know it today came into use in the 1400s.  Mops are used in almost every household and can also be found in any type of building.  They can be used for mopping up spills, cleaning the dirt from the floor, disinfecting the surface of the floor, or sopping up water.  Mops can be made in different ways and can also be made from different materials.  For example, the mop head (the part of the mop that actually scrubs the floor) can be made of cloth or sponge.  The mop head can also come in different shapes and sizes, allowing it to clean hard to reach areas.  The handle of the mop is usually made of wood or aluminum and can come in varying lengths.

Mops by wyinoue, on Flickr
Mops” (CC BY 2.0) by  wyinoue

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