How Much Does a Physical Cost?

While some say that an annual physical “yields too few benefits for its cost” (, some insurance companies still require policy holders to get them.  An annual physical will check certain vitals and do a few simple tests in an attempt to detect signs of danger early enough to prevent potential health problems.  Certain companies may also require annual physicals, especially if your job requires physical exertion to any extent.  If it is required by your insurance, then the insurance should cover the cost minus your deductible.  If it is required by the company for which you work, you may have to check with your insurance company to confirm coverage.

How much does a physical cost?

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  1. Albert Shaw paid $ and said:

    This is a tiny mill town – no way am I putting out my real name, I have to live here. It was $300 last year and this year they want $700 – no physical for me at that price, I’ll have to do without the extortion.

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