How Much Does a Stun Gun Cost?

A stun gun is a handheld device that can be used to temporarily immobilize a person.  This can be used in self defense since it will allow you a minute or two to get away from an attacker.  With the kind of society we have now where violence has become an almost daily occurrence, it is but wise to be always on the alert; for we never know, the next target could be one of us.  Women and children are most vulnerable to attacks of holdup, kidnapping, snatching, rape and other forms of violence.

Learning some basic martial arts is an important form of self defense against attacks and violence.  But since not all of us have the time to get some lessons on this, we may resort to one of the most practical ways of protecting ourselves – and that is, by securing a handy stun gun which we can carry wherever we may go.


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